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iPhone 14 Pro Max: Everything You Should Know About the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Is iPhone 14 Pro Max: Worth $1100?


When many people are debating whether or not to even upgrade, a phone like the iPhone 14 pro max serves as a reminder that Apple still understands how to surprise and delight. Consider the dynamic island, which replaces the notch and extends and contracts with alerts and real-time updates to give everything from sports scores and instructions to music playback and timers.

The iPhone 14 pro max also dazzles with its always-on display and 48-megapixel camera, and with its incredible battery life, you may have one of the greatest phones of the year, but this $1100 flagship’s not perfect in every regard.

Revised Design

I saw two things while using the iPhone 14 Pro Max for my evaluation. The first is that the notch has been swapped out with a pill-shaped cutout (more about dynamic island later), and the second is that the camera bump has become even more prominent. The flash and the three bigger lenses on the rear of the iPhone 14 Pro Max take up a lot of space in this location. Compared to its predecessor, this phone is a little thicker and heavier.

In comparison to the 8.46 ounces and 0.3 inches thick iPhone 13 pro max, the iPhone 14 pro max is 0.31 inches thick and weighs 8.47 ounces. There are four available hues. Space Black, Deep Purple, Silver, and Gold. I prefer the deep purple because it pops the best, so I tried that one out for this review. What’s missing would be the sim card tray because Apple has removed this feature from US models in favor of e-sim. I continued to appreciate the matte glass back and the color-matched polished steel sides. The overall look is elegant but perhaps a little too familiar with the same ip68 water resistance.

The Bad news is that certain carriers don’t currently support e-sim, so you’ll need to check if your provider is compatible before you travel abroad. The bad news is that you can have two active numbers at once, say one for personal and one for business. 

Always on Display

Apple created its always-on screen to essentially duplicate the lock screen, but in color and with much lower brightness. As a result, you can still sort of see your background widgets like the weather, calendar, and activity ring. I appreciate the pixel 6 and galaxy s22 ultra’s always-on screens for their simplicity, but the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s super Retina display is incredibly brilliant and vibrant, and I like that there are more customizing choices for it. In fact, this panel has a maximum brightness rating of 1600 nits with HDR content!

Dynamic iSland

The iPhone 14 pro max is unusual because it redesigns the entire space, not just the notch. Imagine it as a mini dashboard for the notifications and alerts you need. If you open an app like Apple Music or Spotify and then swipe back up to the home screen, for instance, you’ll see the album art on the left and a small waveform on the right. If you press and hold, a larger window displaying the track progress and playback controls will appear. Alternatively, you can press once to simply launch the app. There are many other apps that make use of the dynamic island. Without being obtrusive, this is a fantastic feature that, quite honestly, makes the iPhone 14 Pro a better choice than the standard iPhone 14. Apple is undoubtedly lagging behind Android when it comes to the always-on display for the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but if you’re willing to put in the extra effort, the iPhone 14 Pro Max can scale all the way down to one-hertz, giving you a more robust experience. 


With the iPhone 14 pro max, Apple is upending the status quo by introducing a 48-Megapixel main camera for the first time. You actually have a choice between using quad pixels, which groups all of the images into 12-megapixel photos for the brightest images possible, or choosing the pro raw format, which gives you an actual 48-Megapixel image that is great for cropping. You must enable this feature in the settings app, but once done so, you can use it to crop images.

The best camera phone available is the iPhone 14 Pro Max. There are two significant improvements on the iPhone 14 Pro Max that you should be aware of when it comes to video capture! One is action mode, while the other has 4k resolution and combines action mode with cinematic mode. To test out action mode, all you have to do is toggle a button while recording to smooth out the action, and it works quite well. When I first recorded a tape of myself running up a slight slope on a path without using action mode, the camera shook so violently that I felt disoriented. However, the effect on my ascent looks silky smooth, almost as if I were using a gimbal. When I compared the iPhone 14 Pro Max Action Mode to the Galaxy S 22 Ultra Super Steady Mode, Apple pinches in on the clip to make the illusion work.


While jogging down a slope to a bridge, I discovered that both phones provided smooth video, the film appeared steadier on the iPhone than on the Samsung. Another excellent addition is the switch to 4K for Cinematic mode. I’m strolling along a nature trail, and this video almost appears to be from a movie studio. The clip I took of the fountain, where the rushing water and green moss appeared to be of professional quality despite some lens flare, is proof that the iPhone 14 pro max’s video quality is excellent overall.


The iPhone 14 Pro Max’s A16 Bionic is Apple’s first chip created utilizing the 4-nanometer technology, and it is once again the fastest processor in a phone. Although the CPU is only rated to be 10 faster, it delivers 50 greater memory bandwidth, which helps with gameplay.

I found the iPhone 14 pro max to be incredibly responsive during my testing, whether I was switching between numerous apps or playing games like Asphalt 9 Legends Racing on the Himalayas Track. I experienced fluid action even with a number of other cars vying for first place on the geekbench 5 performance test. The galaxy z fold 4 and its snapdragon 8 plus gen 1 chip are significantly outperformed by the iPhone 14 pro max, which also outperformed the iPhone 13 pro max. When it comes to graphics, the s22 ultra was even further behind.

There has been an improvement in graphics performance as the iPhone 14 pro max hit 12 363 or 74 frames per second on the 3dmark Wildlife Unlimited test. The galaxy s 22 ultra hit 56 frames per second and the iPhone 13 pro max hit 68 frames per second. Apple will release two new security measures for the iPhone 14 Pro Max later this fall. Emergency SOS through satellite combines new antennas and software to connect to satellites when you can’t get a cellular or wi-fi signal, while accident detection uses radar instead.

Crash Detection

The second safety feature is crash detection, which uses the improved accelerometer and gyroscope in the iPhone 14 to detect whether you’re in a crash and then automatically dials emergency services and notifies your emergency contacts. In part because of the iPhone 14 Pro Max’s more efficient chip, this phone lasted a very long time.


There are a few things with the iPhone 14 Pro Max that irritate me. The first is the overall weight. The second is the lack of fast charging, which is unfortunate. And while I can live without the SIM card port, other international travelers will find it inconvenient. 


The iPhone 14 pro max is a powerful phone all around! The iPhone 14 Pro still offers these benefits in 2022, but it stands out for its Dynamic Island innovation and useful always-on display. They are typical Apple innovations that fundamentally alter how you interact with things you are accustomed to, leaving you wondering why no one else thought of them before. It takes something unique to make a product that is 16 years old feel brand-new again, but that is exactly what has been achieved here. The iPhone 14 Pro is therefore a prime example of Apple‘s best work.

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