Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2: Everything About the Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2

Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 2 Worth $299?

These brand-new earbuds from Bose are advertised as having the greatest active noise canceling in the business. These are the latest Bose QuietComfort earbuds 2, and I’d go so far as to say that they’re the most enhanced version of their prior model, which wasn’t a poor model by any means. For a while, the original Bose quiet comfort earphones reigned supreme in active noise cancellation.

However, these are just noticeably superior. Not only do we have a far better design with a smaller shell but also comfier. They sounded fantastic and blocked out anything around you.

Battery Life

When using active noise cancellation, With the “QuietComfort Earbuds 2,” you’ll get six hours of battery life, and 30 hours if you add the case. We have a pairing button on the back, and USB type-C on the bottom, and if we open them up, the earphones themselves have undergone a significant change. I’m thrilled that Bose did this and included a silicone ear tip with the “QuietComfort Earbuds 2.”


Since there are three sizes, it ought to comfortably fit in your ear. You can’t dispute that you get fantastic active noise cancellation out of them, so it’s actually creating a really good seal on the top instead of a continual wing tip. It has a somewhat circular design, which some people enjoy and some people don’t like. We are able to separately and independently select a wing tip from the box’s three included sizes.

These may actually be tailored to fit your ears properly and remain there. Of course, these have microphones on both the inside and the outside, for calls as well as for the active noise suppression and the transparency mode. I’ll speak about a lot of the new features that are associated with that in a moment because Bose was so enthusiastic about them. Before we move on, there is one more aspect of the physical design I want to emphasize. On the outside, there are touchpads and swiping capabilities.

Although they are extremely adjustable from my experience, in all honesty, they’re really comfy. We can swipe up and down and that’s a wonderful method to regulate the volume in a very easy and intuitive way right now.

I use them, but if I try to go on a run while wearing them, they do have a tendency to come out of my left ear, which has always been difficult for me with most earbuds and AirPods pro included. Like I said, while it is really comfy, it’s not great at remaining in my ears. 

With most other earbuds, it’s quite uncommon that they’ll stay in my left ear, and it’s no exception with these regrettably. The good news is that if these do stay in your ears while you’re running, sweat or a light drizzle shouldn’t harm them because they are also ipx4 water resistant.

Let’s go on to the “QuietComfort Earbuds 2’s” most crucial feature: active noise canceling! You can switch between 11 various settings in the aware mode, also known as the transparency mode, but you never turn it off because that is what makes Bose products so great. I’m excited about what they do, which is that when you put them in your ears, they play a tone that uses microphones to map out your ear geometry. At the same time, you listen to it and determine the optimal sound profile for your ears in terms of both active noise cancellation and transparency mode to give you the best experience possible. Honestly, it does an amazing job. I can hear everything around me extremely clearly when I’m using these and have attentive mode turned on; it sounds quite realistic. In the moment, it doesn’t sound robotic; it’s a very fantastic feeling!


I find that if I need to think about something that’s really essential, I can easily hold a conversation with someone or, if I’m working at my desk, listen to music and hear everything around me. In my tests, these do a good job of sort of dampening the wind if you’re outside, but you can still hear some of it in the mics. Now they do have something pretty cool in here that is called active sensing and this allows you to virtually block out the higher decibel sound, at least when it’s at full maximum transparency mode.

Therefore, if someone drops something loudly next to you or there is a jackhammer when you are walking on the sidewalk and transparency mode is on, it will tone it back a little so you don’t blow your ears out, which is a feature I love to see.

It’s also something that many other earbuds are getting these days, including the new AirPods, so it’s a really excellent feature for the future. However, speaking of the future, these do include Bluetooth 5.3.

I’m not sure why I felt the need to bring it up at this time, but it seems like something that I’m very happy to see on a newer pair of earbuds with active noise cancellation. These work fantastically again, and I’ll actually test them against some of the best ones on the market, like the new AirPods or Sony or Sennheiser. However, these are doing a terrific job as stand-alone gadgets. While many people choose to solely focus on power, such as the raw volume of the ANC, I would say that there is a lot more to it. 

You are shutting out everything around you. Active noise cancellation has numerous facets, including how they interact with the wind, how smooth it is, how much noise there is, and what specific frequencies they block out. In general, I would say that these are giving me some of the best experiences out there. If I go outside on a windy day, it doesn’t pick up the wind and gives me a lovely calm experience. In a similar vein, people chatting is typically a difficult thing for earphones to handle.

Normally, earbuds do a fantastic job of blocking out sounds like, say, an air conditioner, and these do that as well. However, they are also able to block out a lot of voices, including higher frequency sounds like female voices, which can be particularly difficult for earbuds to do. These earbuds once again do a fantastic job in this area, and a lot of that is due to the drivers.


The “QuietComfort Earbuds 2” are created by Bose, so it’s not surprising that they sound great on paper. While the lack of aptx, aptx hd, ldac, or any other higher-end codecs—instead just supporting SPC and aac—might not seem like the most promising of specifications, when you use the earbuds you won’t really notice because they work so well and have a beautiful balance.

You can hear very strong bass and sub-bass that produces clear bass lines. Vocals are clear, detailed, and extremely easy to hear because you can hear all those lower frequencies and they don’t go muddy or obscure any kind of mids either. I do have to say, however, that I wish there was a little bit more detail in there because, generally speaking, if you listen to other premium pairs of earbuds around this price, you’re getting just a tad more detail and clarity on those. The highs again, you can really have some pretty decent instrument separation on here as well.

The goal with these is to eliminate that variable so that everyone puts these in their ear and it calibrates to them and you should be getting the same experience regardless of who you are, though of course, you can still have different experiences depending on your ear geometry. Listening to these, however, as I said, a great balance and overall a nice warm profile that sounds good with most genres of music out there


Excellent sound quality and customizability, although these have certain flaws.

You need to be mindful of some compromises. You cannot connect to a laptop and a phone at the same time because you lack multi-point connectivity, but this can remember up to seven different devices, so as soon as you click Connect on a new device, it will switch to that. However, this does not provide a seamless automatic connection; for instance, if you are listening to music on your laptop when you receive a call, the switch will not be made to your phone. These cannot halt the engine that powers active noise suppression,

Most people, for the most part, won’t care about it at all, so it’s really not a drawback. However, I might just be a little bit odd with this because of it.


Personally, I don’t think these are the best earbuds for running because the wing tips or ear tips don’t really hold it in my left ear well enough. Of course, everyone has different ears, so maybe mine are unusual by these standards. However, the good news is that if you’re sitting inside or in an office setting of any kind, these are very comfortable. That’s my assessment of the Bose QuietComfort 2 earphones, which have superb active noise cancellation and great sound quality overall. Even though they don’t have the nicest name, these earphones are pretty good, and I can’t wait to compare them to other models on the market!

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