Best Laptop Under $500

Best Laptops Under $500: Top 4 Budget Laptops Under $500.

Here’s a list of the Top 4 Best Laptops Under $500 in 2022.

#1 Best Laptops Under $500: Lenovo – Chromebook Duet 5

The OG and smaller Duet’s older sibling, the Duet 5, is the ideal two-in-one successor. Build quality: Overall, it’s robust and in the mid-to-high range. Keyboard: This keyboard is the perfect weight for mobile use while still being incredibly durable and having great key travel. no backlight. I also have an HP X2 11, but I don’t like how that 2-in-1 keyboard feels. The Duet 5’s beautiful, sturdy keyboard feels like fragile cardboard in comparison.

This keyboard finally incorporates a magnet, so the keyboard does not move once closed, unlike its smaller sister or the HP X2 11. This is a great improvement. Back cover: The fabric feels quite close to the OG Duet’s high-end grey cloth, which is a very pleasant touch. It’s nice that the kickstand hinge can be opened and closed with one hand while yet being sturdy. The kickstand hinge on the OG Duet and, even worse, the HP X2 11 is excessively tight. Performance Compared to the original Duet, use speed has greatly increased, but it still isn’t quite as quick as an 11th-generation Intel Tiger Lake i3 like the one in my Flex 5i.

The HP X2 11’s Snapdragon 7c Gen 1 is slightly outperformed by the Gen 2 version. In everyday use, there is undoubtedly a discernible speed difference between those generations, but unless you are comparing them side by side, you won’t really notice or care. Overall, I’m extremely pleased with the performance during startup and regular use.

Battery life: The battery life is excellent. I never tested it to the point of exhaustion, but I would use it for light to moderate amounts of work and enjoyment (emails, browsing, document editing, YouTube, Netflix, etc.) throughout the day and still have plenty of battery life.

My estimation is that it would last for about 10-15 hours with mild to moderate use, the lower end of that for intense video watching. The screen is the final and “best” component. Wow! This OLED display is breathtakingly gorgeous.

Even for the outside, the brightness and vivid colors are more than enough. This 13.3″ OLED screen blows the Lenovo Flex 5i, which has a comparable screen size, out of the water. Overall: Very satisfied with the transaction and results. Similar to my ideas with the HP X2 11, I would refrain from buying at full price. Because I love Chromebooks so much, I paid full price. Be wise and just wait a couple of months if you can; the cost will unquestionably decrease by a good $100–$150. It is without a doubt a DEFINITE deal for $350-$400!

#2 Best Laptops Under $500: Acer Aspire 5

Being a website designer, I mainly bought this laptop to use for work while I wasn’t at home using my desktop computer, which is spoiled with two monitors and a very fast internet connection. I’m satisfied with my buy overall. The machine boots up promptly and has sufficient speed to complete all of my tasks. The screen may not be the most brilliant, but at least it has anti-glare, which I much prefer than glossy displays that display beautifully until I get my fingerprints all over them! The keyboard on this machine is its major flaw.

Despite the fact that no modern laptop has the mechanical keys I love, it feels OK to type on, it’s the layout that has me in a tizzy.

I completely understand and agree with Acer’s goal to have the keyboard recognize both English and French characters because I live in a multilingual nation. Unfortunately, they’ve tried to add the number pad keys to the selection! In addition to reducing the size of the primary keys, this causes havoc with the placement of the editing keys (such as home, insert, etc.), rendering one or more of them initially unusable.

Consequently, there are three columns of number keys that also function as editing keys in addition to the tiny up and down arrow keys. While some are clearly marked (such as End/Fin), the “home” key is strangely just marked with a left-pointing arrow! Acer should be aware that there are add-on USB number keypads available for the tiny minority of users who would genuinely need and utilize one. I would be much happier if the full width of the laptop were made up of keys that were spaced and positioned more precisely in accordance with a standard desktop keyboard.

#3 Best Laptops Under $500: ASUS VivoBook 15 K513

The ASUS VivoBook 15.6″ appealed to me because it had the smallest screen I desired and the Intel i7 processor to try and future-proof it for at least two years. I needed to update or upgrade my laptop. Although AMD Ryzen outperformed Intel on the benchmark that compared the two processors’ ability to run open applications, even with my modest computing experience, I could still tell the difference when using a large program like Adobe. The screen is quite stunning with incredible standout colors and depth of texture, as shown on Bing’s daily downloads. A recent graphics card update improved the screen ratio even further.

Most people who are new to Windows 11 enjoy the simpler format as they grow used to the screen layout. The SSD and lack of physical background noise are other distinguishing features, which is why I chose Intel over AMD Ryzen because the desktop I use is distractingly noisy. Overall, the laptop is quite effective, light, and subtly appealing, while the battery reliability is still being evaluated “They all have integrated GPUs, sometimes known as iGPUs. Do not really concentrate on the iGPU, focus on the sheer CPU power. Intel has its Iris Xe iGPUs, which are marginally more powerful than the AMD Radeon iGPUs in general.”

Additionally, all of these, with the exception of the Acer Enduro (option 6), have either 15″ or 17″ size form factors. All of them feature 512GB or 1TB SSDs and 16GB DDR4 3200MHz RAM, so you’re covered in terms of RAM and storage with any of them. If any of these support Windows 10 natively, don’t worry—you can probably upgrade for free to Windows 11! (and if not, just return the laptop and get the alternative). Upon closer inspection, the Asus possibilities (options 4, 5, and 5.5) appear to offer superior value, but, in my opinion, at the expense of appearance. However, after reflecting on the previous two and a half hours, I’m beginning to like them; they’re all attractive laptops.

The Asus laptops lack the convertible functionality (the 2-in-1 functionality), but they do have OLED screens and are PANTONE® certified, which means they have excellent panels and visual fidelity. If the screen is a feature you’re interested in for your laptop as well, the old Aero 15x was PANTONE® certified, and you know how much that cost. I believe that’s all. To browse through the possibilities, let alone all of them, is a pain in the backside because there are so many more manufacturers and options available. However, these ought to last you for a while because, as you are probably aware, technology advances every two to four years.

#4 Best Laptops Under $500: Lenovo Idealpad Flex 5i 2 in 1 Laptop

I’ll start with the only two drawbacks I can think of right now. Although the size makes it rather heavy in tablet mode, which I also desired, I know I chose the 15.6″ since I use a 10-key like crazy. So if you can do without the 10-key, I would suggest the smaller laptop if you frequently utilize tablet mode. In addition, as other reviews have noted, the lip that surrounds the edge of the screen is extremely flat when it is closed, which makes it somewhat challenging to lift the screen to open. Everything else about the laptop is good, in my opinion.

I got it during the spring sale in March, and I believe you get a lot for your money. Additionally, Lenovo offers special discounts for first responders, teachers, nurses, and other professionals, which is fantastic and can be combined with other offers! It was incredibly simple to set up. I think the screen quality and pixels are excellent and clear. The sound and volume meet my demands. The trackpad is great. That’s excellent because my old laptop didn’t have a trackpad with built-in mouse buttons. Although Windows 11 is intriguing, it is still quite user-friendly.

I haven’t played any games yet, but so far the 8GB of RAM is working perfectly and nothing slows. The Lenovo Active Pen 2, which I purchased separately for about $50, connects up quickly and performs admirably. The erase button on the pen is also quite convenient. To use correctly, you do need to take your hand off the screen, which is difficult but is simply resolved by placing a small piece of fabric under my writing hand. Additionally, the pen doesn’t slide as readily as I anticipated. Overall, I would repurchase the laptop and advocate Lenovo to everyone.

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