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MacBook Air M2: Is It Worth Buying The MacBook Air M2?

Is the MacBook Air Worth $1500?

Since I still own a Macbook Air and I’m happy with this one, I’ll break this blog up into sections so you can get a better picture of what it is. The distinctions between chip sets will be discussed first. The Macbook Air M2’s hardware upgrades and new features are the next items on the list. If you already have a Macbook Air M1, what are those and then already? Does upgrading to the new one make sense? I’ll also discuss the overall result before moving on to my personal viewpoint. Am I planning to upgrade from my MacBook Air M1 to the M2? Let’s review each of these suggestions now.

Apple M2 Chip

Let’s talk about the chipset. it says m2 Supercharged and they say that apple is actually claiming faster CPU and GPU performance. But please do note that GPU what they are talking about their 35 improvements, I think so they are calculating within 10 GPU cores. Still, the default configuration that you get in the base variant that comes with the eight-core processor and eight-core GPU, just Be aware of that, you have to bump up or upgrade to go with the 10-core GPU Next big thing, and I think so here is an improvement with the m2 chip. The m2 chip can actually access up to 24 gigabytes of ram.

The m1 maxed out at 16 gigabytes. So again this can be sort of useful for a certain segment of the users. I would say if you use adobe products like lightroom or photoshop. These are very ram-hungry, so yeah that can benefit, I would say, but for most of them, 16 gigabytes is more than enough but again Special case scenarios. Yeah, the big improvement I would say from the m1 – is the bandwidth that you’re getting in the m1 chips. m1 air had a bandwidth of 50 gigabytes, but in M2 they bumped at 200 gigabytes. So this, I feel, is a very big improvement. As I’ve told you now, you can get up to 10 core GPUs with the MacBook air m1. It was an eight-core GPU and an eight-core CPU, Here you can bump up to ten cores. If you want, but again, that’s You have to spend extra for that one.

However, if you’re a video editor or whatever, you might like this one because it actually brings down a feature from the m1 pro or m1 max chip. It’s significant that this chipset now supports prores video hardware encoding. It will function a lot faster if you’re using prores, video, or some of the better codecs. I had no idea that Apple would introduce it to normal chips, so it is something extremely intriguing.


Moving on to some performance data that we have seen from Apple, they are reporting an improvement of roughly 18% in general and a real-world increase of about 35% in GPU performance. Guys could anticipate an improvement of between 12 and 15 percent in the GPU and this.

What exactly are a CPU and similar devices? Let’s move on to the next section, which is some of the hardware advancements that we are seeing on the new Macbook Air m2 and folks. You may anticipate anywhere between 20 and 30%, depending on the program that you are now using. The MacBook Air has undergone a complete redesign for the first time in a very long time, but the biggest change I see in comparison to the earlier m1 air is with the screen. Yes, the screen size has a little bit grown.

The screen’s quality is the key deal. It’s plenty bright, I would say even outside, but I always felt like improved brightness and direct sunlight when I was working would have been better on this m2, which is touted to have 500 nits of brightness instead of the ordinary Macbook Air’s 400 nits of brightness. The truth is, the brightness of 500 nits is actually the same as what you get on this larger Macbook.

What say you? We get 500 nits of brightness thanks to the 16-inch pro and the 14-inch pro, which is fantastic. Apart from that, this is a significant improvement. The new MacBook Air M2, in my opinion, now has a 10-bit panel and is capable of producing up to a billion colors.

The majority of users that work with high-end cameras that can shoot in 10 by 12-bit won’t notice it, but I would say that if you’re not really picky about colors, for instance, with photo editing and stuff you do or video editing you do with hybrid codecs like 10-bit videos, you won’t see it. You’ll like how the color depth has improved. That is one trillion colors. The standard one has a screen with 8 bits and 16.6 million colors. One billion is this.

Actually, this is almost what startled me once more when the apple pulled it down. They lowered it because they were typically only found on higher-end laptops. So that’s what I like, and once again, you get a really color-accurate screen. Another little enhancement is that even this one now has that—not as much as the pro series, but barely while you’re using it.

You might not even notice that the 1080p camera on this is meant to be superior to the 720p Web camera. These are the general improvements, to reiterate. But there is one more enhancement I see on the new Macbook Air m2, and this could be useful for power users or individuals who frequently link their Macbook Air to an external monitor. There are only two USB type-C ports on the ordinary Macbook Air M1, and you must use one of them to charge the device.

Consider the scenario when one of the USB ports is actually being utilized for an external display, there is only one changeable charging port, and there are no ports at all. However, with the Macbook Air m2, the max safe connector has been reinstated. Therefore, you have two spare USB ports while you are merely charging the laptop, and even if you attach one to a monitor, what do you say? Allow one port to be left open for power users or those connecting their laptops to an external monitor. In my opinion. Consideration should be given to the addition of Mac Safe.

The next step is: suppose you already own a Macbook Air M1 as I do. If you are already pleased with the performance of the MacBook Air, let me know how you feel about it. It’s alright.

Additionally, if you don’t use your Macbook Air very heavily and have never experienced any slowdown or noticed the Beach ball or other similar items, then I believe this. If you’re a more experienced user connecting to a monitor, you can omit the Macbook Air m2 also are you able to manage with those two ports as of today? I believe so if you want a reasonably good machine. This is the setup that I personally prefer, but I have upped the GPU to 10 cores. As a result, the cost of upgrading the SSD to 512 gigabytes from 256 has increased, as has the cost of upgrading the ram from 8 to 16 gigabytes.


The MacBook air m2 has a superior 10-bit panel screen, is a little brighter (500 nits), and will be 15-20% faster than the m1 processor. I believe this will be especially true for video, editing, work, and other tasks. On this one, you should expect an improvement of between 15% and 30%, but once more, that will vary. The webcam has improved, and there is an additional MagSafe port, which can free up a type C port if you choose the 10-core GPU.

If the two ports on the first Macbook Air ever always felt restrictive to you, this gives you an advantage over that model. Now, let me share my personal opinion about this one. What am I going to do? I already own a Macbook Air, which I typically use for travel, work, and other purposes. The activity that I will engage in is this. So let me elaborate on that. I won’t be upgrading from my Macbook Air M1 to the Macbook Air M2, personally. My current portable laptop will still be a Macbook Air.

I’ll wait till the next year to see whether Apple produces the predicted MacBook Air 15, which is expected to debut in early 2023, and if so, I might consider upgrading to that one. In reality, I used this MacBook Air M1 to generate over 100 odd movies during the final pandemic last year, all of which were shot in 4K. In an emergency, I can still edit some footage on this MacBook Air M1. I’m going to pass on the Macbook Air M2 for the time being, but please let me know what you think of it. Are you planning to purchase the MacBook Air M2? If you already own the MacBook Air M1, are you upgrading to the Macbook Air M2?

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