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Zenbook Pro 14: Quick Review of the Newly Launched Asus Zenbook Pro 14

Is Zenbook Pro 14 Worth $1999?


The 14.4-inch touch screen on this Zenbook Pro 14 duo, which uses an OLED display, may be used with a stylus. But we also have this additional panel, which is a touch screen and 12.7 inches in size. The keyboard is lighted once more; nonetheless, it is extremely bright. There are three adjustment settings available to you. Zenbook Pro 14 has an Intel processor from the 12th generation. The one we have is the highest model available; nonetheless, I was looking for the base model and couldn’t find it. But once more, as you can see, and one other thing, you’ll note, is that when we turn on the laptop, this component actually raises up.

Contrary to older ASUS laptops, where the entire back would raise up, the screen pad really rises. That is not the case with  Zenbook Pro 14, and before we go on, the performance is far superior to what was anticipated, but once again, this is an OLED screen, and it is glossy. The screen is fine as is, in my opinion. The screen is actually 2.5K with a 120-hertz refresh rate. Yes, even this has a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Although it may be changed to 60 hertz, I was using it at 120 hertz. As a result, the screen we will be receiving has a 2.8K resolution and a 16:10 aspect ratio. So once more, it’s a fair size and once more, it’s a very, very accurate hue. Therefore, it can truly be used by pros for video processing and color correction work.

One item to note is that while this panel is an OLED, the bottom screen is not. This is actually an ips LCD, and the reason they didn’t use an OLED screen was because of how glossy those panels are and how much light they would have reflected. They claimed that, but it is what it is. Before we move on, allow me to honestly give you the Ports and all of this information regarding the build quality. The Build quality is excellent. Although the metallic surface of it attracts a few more fingerprints than it should, I have no complaints about the strong construction. We just have a headphone port, therefore let’s talk about the ports. This is not the same as USB ports. These are only heat-dissipating vents, and in fact, this particular model of laptop Due to the fact that this is a core i9 processor, I would suggest that for the majority of users, it can really feel quite warm to the touch, even with light users. This one obviously gets a touch warm so that the core i5 would be more than adequate.

Extra Screen

I’ll go over the specifications, but to give you an idea, this is the regular screen you have, and the big thing with this one is this Extra screen you are getting. I believe this is great for traders and stuff because if you work a lot on the stock market and other things, you can actually use that and other things, where people benefit from multiple screens and stuff.

In that case, I would argue that is a good thing for creative professionals as well as developers. In reality, I would say that this is an excellent alternative since the bottom layer actually helps a lot and transforms into that for those particular apps if you’re using the Adobe Creative Suite in particular, such as Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Premiere.


So with that out of the way, let’s speak about the specifications for this model. As I’ve already mentioned, this is the higher-end version. What do you say? Earlier, this is really strange. The fan used to be really silent on the Asus Zen books that I have reviewed and tested when I simply did casual stuff like this, but it does ramp up a little bit here. On this particular one, I have noticed it. However, let’s go on to the CPU because, as I said earlier, it is a beast of a computer. It’s the core i9 variant specifically. a genuine 14-core processor with 20 threads exists.

20 threads, yes. Guys, the main board is manufactured by ASUS Memory, and the one we have has 32 gigabytes of ram that is once more at its maximum capacity. Remember that this is the more expensive version that has the dedicated graphic card. The RTX 3050 ti is that.

Additionally, there is a base version that, in my opinion, is suitable for most non-technical users because it only includes Intel Iris graphics. Actually, that’s adequate, but yeah. The RTX 3050 ti comes with Zenbook Pro 14, which is the most expensive.


Let’s start by discussing the things I enjoy, and the first benefit is this screen—I’m referring to the main screen—that we have. The 14.5-inch OLED screen there is of exceptional quality. It has excellent color accuracy. Therefore, I have no qualms about suggesting it to experts or those who work with photos or videos. It is incredibly colorful, precise, Pantone-validated, and all of these things in one. In reality, you can calibrate colors using cutting-edge equipment. If so, it has capabilities built in for that.

In that regard, I would rate it as excellent. You don’t need to worry about that, and I appreciate that the screen is a touch screen that supports a stylus and has a refresh rate of 120 hertz. Additionally, I like that the bottom screen, the screen portion plus, supports a refresh rate of 120 hertz even though, as I’ve already mentioned, it’s not an OLED screen. So I don’t have a problem with the screen in that sense.

The next point is that speakers are actually quite loud—far louder than most laptops, in fact. However, I’ve noticed that with the default calibration, sometimes when I’m maintaining the volume at about 70%, when there is a lot of bass because the speakers are by default, very, very bass-heavy. In fact, if I keep the volume level at 50, it is almost as close to 100 on many computers.

Thus, there is a track or other piece that features numerous bass drums. The sound is a little bit cracking. That is something I noticed, though I’m not sure if it applies only to my unit.

Maybe a firmware upgrade will solve the issue. The following concern is with the SSD. It’s an extremely quick SSD, as I’ve already stated. I also appreciate that it has an HDMI 2.1 port. There is only one port, not HDMI 2 like many computers, even high-end laptops, which use HDMI 2. yet the most recent version is HDMI 2.1

Let’s now discuss some of the points that I made concerning the aspects that I did not like. Okay, as I’ve already mentioned, when there is base heaviness, the speakers start to crackle at higher volumes.

Battery life is something I saw. I’m not sure, but this might be solely due to the core i9 processor. Although I was using it with the screen pad plus screen hovering for just about four to four and a half hours, we know that this processor is a very power-hungry processor, and the battery life that I’m getting is strictly average. I believe that this is because Zenbook Pro 14 has a dedicated graphics card.

It’s possible that if you look at the base variant and base variation guys again, they don’t truly have a dedicated graphics card, but they pass the Evo certification, and if a laptop passes the Evil certification. That typically has a great battery. However, I am only getting an average battery life of four to four and a half hours on this higher-end model that we now have.

It should have been kept at 100 watts like other laptops, in my opinion. Thus, I’ve really summarised some of Zenbook Pro 14’s drawbacks because I believe it is best suited for a particular group of customers. So please read on and I will. Because the new 12th-generation Intel processors are so very powerful, I would personally choose the base model with the core i5 processor. In fact, even the Core i5 model performs far better than or on par with older Core i7 models.

Therefore, I have no issues choosing the Core i5 variant, which will also have slightly superior battery life and quieter fans. I feel. If you are a serious gamer, this is not the laptop for you. You do have the Nvidia RTX. 3050 ti graphics card, but if you’re a serious gamer, I think Aso’s own portfolio has superior gaming laptops like the Strix series or even the G14 and G15 models. This is intended for those who want to use and benefit from multiple screens. For instance, traders, stock market participants, programmers, and other professionals who would benefit from having a second screen can all benefit from it. In particular, I would add that if you’re a creative worker utilizing Adobe programs, the Adobe apps are designed to make the most of the second screen. So, I would say that this is a niche type of laptop, but it is unquestionably a fascinating laptop for a specific segment of customers. Okay, so, that was my overview of this ASUS Zenbook pro 14 dual-oled.

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