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NFL Records: You May Not Know These NFL Records!

Mind Blowing NFL RECORDS!

There are bound to be some crazy records when a business like the NFL has been around since 1920. There are many statistics and records in the NFL that you may already be aware of, but we’re going to lead you down a road of the less well-known ones.

Percy Harvin, a wide receiver for the Vikings, had the longest non-scoring play in 2011 and returned to kickoff, where he made a record-breaking play that left everyone in the audience speechless. During a game versus the falcons, it covered a distance of 104 yards. The longest non-scoring play in NFL history was 104 yards, and amir Abdullah broke that mark in 2015.

Knowing that the NFL has been around since 1920, you might expect some crazy records to exist. We’re going to lead you down a road of the less well-known NFL records that you probably weren’t aware existed, even if there are many statistics and records you’ve heard of.

Wide receiver for the Vikings Percy Harvin’s longest non-scoring play of 2011 he made a record-breaking play as he returned to kickoff, causing the fans to gasp in shock. When playing the falcons, it covered a distance of 104 yards. The longest non-scoring play in NFL history is 104 yards, and in 2015, Amir Abdullah matched that mark.

The longest return without a score was a catch. In the same vein, the Jets’ free safety Marcus May had just 11 seconds remaining in the game against the Broncos in 2018. The Broncos had the ball at the jets’ 3-yard line when he broke one of the more bizarre NFL records.

They, therefore, decided to run one more play because, well, why not their quarterback? Keenum May received the ball after it was thrown into the end zone. May then attempted a last-ditch 104-yard sprint to the end zone of the Broncos for a touchdown, but he ran out of steam and was tackled by wide receiver Cortland Sutton of the Broncos.

The Jets still managed to win 34-16, and their 104-yard interception return record may now stand as the longest without a touchdown ever.

Try repeating that ten times: “The first and likely last mascot to ever have a game stat.” Have a game statistic that belongs to none other than Mr. Mischief himself, sir, according to the panther’s mascot, who created quite a disturbance during a game versus the steelers in December 1996. How could anyone ever forget the time a panther punted the ball into the end zone toward Sir Purr, whereupon the cat dove into the end zone and pounced on the live ball to drop the punt, resulting in the play being called a touchback.

Sir Per, the referee, was also dressed in a Santa costume, which made the play much wilder and more popular with the crowd. Evidently, and even Steelers coach Bill Cower laughed so hard he fell over, Serper officially ended the game with one punt return for 0 yards, and no other mascot will ever be able to say the same. maintaining familial ties with super bowl victories. The Colquitt’s are the first father, two sons, and a super bowl champion family.

When you consider the Mannings and the Matthews, it’s kind of shocking that no other family has accomplished that. Former punter for the Steelers and two-time Super Bowl champion Craig Colquitt. His younger son Britain, who is also a punter, won the Super Bowl with the Broncos in 2016 as with Craig’s older son Dustin with Pittsburgh in 1978 and 1979.

In the 2019 season, another punter helped the Chiefs win the Super Bowl. Since the end of the previous season, they have held the record for being the first father-son team to win the most prestigious rings in the NFL. Punting used to be a family affair, but now Super Bowl victories are as well.

The fastest touchdown in NFL history was run by wide receiver Randall Williams in 2003 while playing for the Cowboys against the Eagles. There are many families in the NFL with former players coaching their sons to greatness, but none compare to the Coal Quits, where the father actually won the Super Bowl himself. How quickly were those three seconds on the game’s first play? The eagles attempted to kick the ball onside, but Williams intercepted it and returned it. A TD requires 37 yards.

With just three seconds on the clock, the play that led to the Cowboys’ victory of 23-21 gave Williams this remarkable record.

Three touchdowns in less than one minute during a game against the Jets in 2012 are a record that we don’t believe will be broken for a very long time. The Patriots were just the third team since 1970 to score three touchdowns in less than a minute.

This occurred during the famed 2012 Thanksgiving butt fumble game, in which they won 49 to 19, according to the Elias sports bureau. What kind of game was butt fumble? In front of 79 000 spectators at MetLife Stadium and in front of nearly 20 million viewers on television, you ask intelligently.

Mark Sanchez, a quarterback with the Jets, collided with offensive lineman Brandon Moore in the back. causing a fumble that the Patriot safety, Steve Gregory, later recovered and returned for a touchdown, which is a little embarrassing. The three touchdowns in 52 seconds, though, should be remembered more clearly. Being beyond 40 in the NFL and still actively pursuing a career is an honor in itself, but there are only three active NFL players who have caught a pass after turning 40.

. You likely already know who those players are Brett Favre, Tom Brady, Jerry rice Because of how physically demanding football is, players’ careers tend to be short, and many, even great ones, talk of quitting before they turn 30. Bill, who is 66 years old, holds the distinction of being the oldest head coach to win the Super Bowl.

When his team, the Patriots, won the Super Bowl in the 2018 campaign, Belichick became the super bowl’s oldest coach. Since 1975, Belichick has been an assistant coach. As the head coach of the Patriots since 2000, he has won six Super Bowls and is regarded as one of the finest coaches in NFL history.

He must be among the greatest if he has endured this long, right? Belichick set a record as the super bowl’s oldest head coach. It begs the question, “Why are the head coaches, so Old straight coin tosses won in what can best be regarded as an extraordinarily unusual record,” since Tom Coughlin held this honor for just one year, when the giants won the super bowl in 2012 when he was 65. With the green bay packers in Super Bowl 32 in 1998 and continuing through the packers in Super Bowl 45 in 2011, the NFC has won an unprecedented 14 straight super bowl coin tosses.

The Super Bowl hasn’t exactly reflected this record. Though Tom Brady’s five touchdowns seem like the title of the upcoming Harry Potter book, the NFL has a record of 5 and 9 in the actual game over that same time period. Tom Brady in a 2009 game completed five Touchdown passes in one quarter.

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